Mergers & Acquisitions

Integration & Synergies Management

We prioritize vertical and horizontal optimization to unlock long-term value for our M&A clients.

Our Approach

A successful transaction is not only well-planned but also well-executed. This demands seamless integration through organizational design that is optimized with technology and culture that invigorates teams to outperform goals in unison. We dedicate a full suite of experts to achieving these goals. 

How It Works

Understanding And Eliminating Risks

We thrive in the most demanding transactions, especially ones with extensive integration challenges - misgovernance, cultural disruptions, stakeholder pressures, conflicted or divergent officers or directors, long lead times, recruiting, and operational inefficiencies. Our experts help you mitigate risks by understanding them and evaluating your options ahead of time so you can make the right decisions at the right time.

Day Two And Onward

We work closely with leaders and teams to create and manage a detailed plan that defines your integration objectives and outlines key results and requirements. We establish short and long-term milestones for all corporate functions - operations, finance, accounting, marketing, recruiting and HR, investor relations, legal and compliance, research, and analytics. We help create invigorating work environments that promote collaboration to fully unlock the transaction synergies.

Well Planned, Well Executed

CIEL’s integration experts devise strategies that enable teams to capture synergies across the entire value chain of a transaction. We work as an extension of your teams during the transition period to intelligently manage synergy targets by measuring performance and reconfiguring strategies to drive meaningful results in the short and the long term.

Working In Unison

We help you build organizational designs embedded with governance and accountability protocols to manage vertical and horizontal cross-functional integration. We ensure the success of these organizational designs by implementing workplace policies and leveraging technology to promote collaboration.

Corporate Governance

We also help build and monitor regulatory and compliance protocols across various functions within your company, including board committees, stakeholder management, investor relations, marketing, finance, and legal.


We plan each step of the process down to the very last details. We help you budget, forecast, and compare actual results against expectations so that everyone on your team (and ours) is held accountable.


A full suite of experts works with your team to weave a transaction's rationale and synergies into a clear, concise, and coherent business plan with milestones. We leverage technology to communicate and implement the business plan so that you can communicate strategy, goals, and results with stakeholders and align them with your company’s decisions and vision, and implement seamless vertical and horizontal communication and management.