Strategy & Corporate Finance


Your on-ground team to propel strategic management initiatives with agility and precision.

Our Approach

We have built a full suite of capabilities around this transformational role. Dedicated teams that are managed by dedicated leadership provide you with full support on one-to-all critical management functions.

How It Works

Deliberated Decision Making

We create the time and bandwidth for executives to focus on top priorities and collaborate with our industry, research, and analytics experts to deliberate decision-making into strategy and execution with measurable results.

Non-Biased Partners

We simplify executive decision-making and improve productivity by understanding, communicating, and eliminating their blind spots.

Regulatory & Corporate Compliance

We help build and monitor regulatory and compliance protocols across various functions within your company, including board committees, stakeholder management, investor relations, marketing, finance, and legal.

Solution Oriented Mindset

Our team helps drive solutions by first identifying and understanding inefficiencies through robust diagnostics. We focus on presenting and implementing solutions, not underlining problems.

Workspace Management

We leverage technology to help you design and implement collaborative vertical and horizontal workflow initiatives to enable efficient delegation and 360-degree alignment on vision, strategy, and goals. This includes:

  • Building and maintaining critical infrastructure such as databases, CRMs, and customer portals
  • Automating operations using workflows and no-code software such as Airtable, Notion, and Zapier
  • Defining and building business and operational reporting with tools such as Tableau, Google Data Studio, and Excel
  • Integrating project management systems and tools using Trello and Asana
  • These bespoke workspace management models enable efficient knowledge sharing, end-to-end governance, and measurable accountability.

Corporate Finance

We help manage day-to-day financial operations to drive your short and long-term business goals to success so that you can make strategic finance-related decisions with confidence.

Agile Human Capital

Chief of Staff can be an extremely demanding role that requires dedicated resources, which are managed by leadership experienced in leading multi-disciplined teams to successful and measurable outcomes. We ensure this by building a team of experts in M&A, Corporate Finance & Strategies, Investor Relations, Accounting, and Growth & Marketing to supplement our Chief of Staff services. We adhere to data-driven decision-making paired with a growth mindset, a small ego, and high emotional intelligence.

Seamless Communication

A full suite of experts works with your team to weave your vision and strategy into a straightforward, concise, and coherent narrative that instills confidence in all stakeholders. We leverage technology to communicate and implement the business plan so that you can communicate strategy, goals, and results with stakeholders and align them with your short and long-term goals. We pride ourselves in our ability to respond to and resolve stakeholder conflicts.

Understanding And Eliminating Risks

We thrive in the most complex problems: misgovernance, cultural disruptions, stakeholder misalignment, and conflicted or divergent officers or directors. Our experts help you mitigate risks by thinking from first principles and evaluating options ahead of time, and building frameworks that help organize thinking when there’s no obvious answer. We take this one step further by continually optimizing frameworks and processes through accountability and prediction models to build scalable processes.

Administrative Services

We help you manage an array of administrative tasks, such as managing corporate calendars, generating correspondence, maintaining detailed notes, and planning and coordinating between departments so that you can focus on critical priorities.

Executive Intelligence

We work closely with executives to assist in:

- Think Tank.

Dedicated teams help executives deliberate decisions into measurable outcomes and assist in each step of the execution process: strategy, finance, corporate governance and management, stakeholder management, investor relations, financial analysis, and marketing.

- Personal Attaché.

We act as the executive’s liaison to your organization's key decision-makers to facilitate communication and collaboration and enable robust decision-making, execution, and accountability. Our team and network of experts advise executives on the planning, development, and execution of critical projects and strategic business initiatives.

- Effective time management and designation.

We help executives understand where and how their time is used. We deploy technological and human resources to help lighten their load and streamline their schedules through effective delegation and time management.

- End-to-end execution.

We work closely with executives to define and communicate goals across the organization and implement processes that enable effective and efficient execution.

Enterprise Performance Management

Technology, Data, and Finance driven analytics and foresight to proactively improve and innovate for hypergrowth and superior risk mitigation. Competitive advantage in transformative times requires rapid innovation. We work with you to eliminate your blind spots by deliberating your goals into measurable strategic initiatives. We collect and analyze data and synthesize our findings into trends and inefficiencies and actionable insights for leaders and senior management. This helps you drive focused and controlled but dynamic growth through tactical planning and execution with the agility to adapt to structural, operational, industry, and macro transformations.