Strategy & Corporate Finance

Regulatory & Corporate Compliance

We build corporate governance models that are embedded with SOPs to simplify compliance with complex, cumbersome, and challenging regulatory requirements.

Our Approach

Regulatory and corporate compliance can generate value for a company by helping it to avoid costly fines and legal issues that can arise from non-compliance. It can also help the company to protect its reputation and maintain the trust of its stakeholders. In addition, a strong compliance program can help the company to identify and address potential risks, improving overall risk management and enhancing the company's financial performance. Your company can build a positive reputation by committing to compliance and ethical business practices.

Our Approach

Agile Governance

We draw on years of experience and understanding of various regulatory systems to help you navigate complex governance problems and deliberate them into robust governance models that are tailored to your company’s vision and goals. We embed these models with bespoke capitalization structures, multilayer control mechanisms, and mitigation strategies for efficient stakeholder management to encourage alignment and collaboration. The models are perfected in collaboration with counsel to ensure compliance with the requirements and standards of all applicable regulatory bodies.

We help plan, develop, implement, measure, and restructure governance models through:

  • Understanding the purpose of business formation, its history, growth and exit plans, and the individual needs of all stakeholders and translating them into robust corporate governance charters and policies, including bylaws, operating agreements, articles of incorporation, business conduct policies, corporate governance protocols, accountability standards and procedures, stakeholder management protocols, investor relations policies.
  • Ensuring that no procedural lapses cause delays in the execution of material milestones of your company - mergers and acquisitions, dispositions, financings, or corporate restructuring so that you can make the most pivotal decisions with the assurance of execution.

Internal Financial Audits

From drafting financial statements to conducting internal financinal audits, we help our clients navigate complex reporting processes. We take ownership of our work and act as a liaison for you to your external auditor so that you can confidently deliver on your reporting obligations on time, every time. Our accounting leadership comes with extensive experience in working with the most renowned global accounting firms and in managing, and consulting with, privately held and publicly traded companies.

State Filings And Incorporation

States offer unique benefits for incorporating your business. By understanding the purpose and goals of your business, our team helps you navigate to the most suitable State, complete the incorporation process and provide ongoing support for maintaining compliance with State filing requirements.

Registration Statements

Whether you are an existing public company under the Exchange Act looking to register your securities for sale, file an S-4 for your M&A activity or file an Initial Public Offering (IPO), our multidisciplinary team:

- Helps you understand complex regulatory frameworks and their exemptions to choose the most optimal option

- Assists with introductions and engagements with counsel, accountants, and tax experts

- Works closely with your leadership and teams to prepare and file the registration statement, including drafting the various parts of a prospectus - business plan, operations summary, financial condition analysis, results of operations, risk factors

- Acts as a liaison between your in-house and outside legal, finance, and audit teams to ensure timely completion and filing of the audit and the registration statement with the appropriate authorities

- Can introduce you to capital groups and provide other liquidity solutions

- Sets and tracks business priorities of filing a registration statement - capital raise, exit strategies, mergers, and acquisitions - to ensure complete success

Reporting Advisory

- Alternate Reporting

Our capabilities include advisory services for alternate reporting companies that are quoted through the OTC Markets Group, Inc. We help you through the listing process and provide ongoing support to ensure seamless regulatory compliance. We also provide end-to-end solutions for Investor Relations , Accounting and Finance, and Mergers and Acquisitions.

- SEC Reporting Advisory

Our team of legal and financial experts helps devise and develop compliance protocols and work in collaboration with outside counsel and auditors to ensure seamless compliance with SEC reporting requirements.

From preparation of disclosure documents - financial statements, internal and external audits, market research, management discussion and analysis, and material announcements - to designing reports, making timely filings, and building and managing PR campaigns, we can drive the entire reporting process for you.