Mergers &

Navigating complex transactions to unlock value and optimize synergies.

Our Approach

Every transaction presents the opportunity to unlock new potential for our clients. We ensure that this potential is maximized through meticulous execution and successful integration. We thrive in opportunities that are challenging and require an extraordinary level of creativity and attention to detail. Our team deliberates every stage of a transaction to precision so that our clients can make the most pivotal decisions confidently.

We help you with every step of the process

M&A Strategy & Due Diligence

We craft M&A strategies that allow transaction synergies to fuel organic and inorganic growth, creating sustainable long-term value for our clients.

We help clients plan and build M&A strategies and milestones that augment and complement the capabilities of our clients and propel their growth plans. We work as dealmakers who are also grounded in due diligence to ensure seamless execution and success without any remorse. We also devise repeatable and scalable M&A programs for our clients who are looking to build in-house M&A capabilities.

Exit Strategies

When founders and investors look for an exit or if strategy calls for divestiture, we help clients achieve these objectives with precision, speed and agility.

We help make important decisions around timing, cost, and efficiencies in transactions - including sale of carved-out businesses to corporate or financial buyers, a spin-off to current investors, or a sale in public markets to new investors

Integration & Synergies Management

We prioritize vertical and horizontal optimization to unlock long-term value for our M&A clients.

A successful transaction is not only well-planned but also well-executed. This demands seamless integration through organizational design that is optimized with technology, and culture that invigorates teams to outperform goals in unison. We dedicate a full suite of experts to achieving these goals. 

Joint Ventures & Partnerships

Unlocking inorganic growth through good governance and synergies management.

We help clients shape the strategic rationale for the partnership and find the right partners. We also help them determine the desired outcome, measure progress, and adjust course, as needed, to align strategy, value, and goals for all partners.

Merger Accounting & Internal Financial Audits

Meticulous due diligence, consolidation, and integration of financial statements and records.

We are experienced in, and fully capable of, managing accounting for nuanced business combinations and other complex transactions, in both U.S. GAAP and IFRS reporting standards. We help our clients navigate complex reporting processes; from drafting financial statements to conducting internal financial audits. We take ownership of our work and act as a liaison for you to your external auditor so that you can confidently deliver on your reporting obligations on time, every time. Our accounting leadership comes with extensive experience in working with the most renowned global accounting firms and in managing, and consulting with, privately held and publicly traded companies.

Registration Statements

Leveraging the capital markets for capital and liquidity solutions that drive growth, M&A, and exit strategies.

Registration statements are the gateway for companies to execute their growth, M&A, and exit strategies successfully. However, filing registration statements entails a long and arduous process. We simplify this process by giving you the intel, resources, and access to our industry relationships with leading law firms, accounting firms, and capital groups.