Mergers & Acquisitions

Joint Ventures & Partnerships

Unlocking inorganic growth through good governance and synergies management.

Our Approach

We help clients shape the strategic rationale for the partnership and find the right partners. We also help them determine the desired outcome, measure progress, and adjust course, as needed, to align strategy, value, and goals for all partners.

How It Works

Intelligence And Execution

We help you source, structure, plan, and monitor partnerships that augment your capabilities and bottom line in the short and the long term. We draw on multiple disciplines and collaborate with experts to identify and understand trends, sentiments, and frontiers to find and build the most synergistic partnerships for you. We work as dealmakers who are also grounded in due diligence to ensure seamless execution and success without any remorse.

Expectations And Responsibilities

Working in collaboration with you, we prepare a cohesive and concise plan that defines the mutual understanding of the parties across all key elements of a partnership - contributions, limitations, compensation, and any special rights. We establish clear milestones for prospective partnerships to set the right expectations on both ends of the table and ensure long-term success.

Boundaries And Accountability

We work closely with your and your partners’ leadership and teams to create and manage a detailed plan that defines the partnership’s operational objectives, key milestones, and shared management of resources. We establish short and long-term roadmaps with milestones to measure performance with accountability across all functions within the partnership. We help create invigorating work environments that promote collaboration to fully unlock the transaction synergies.


We can help you bring struggling or failing partnerships back on track.