Leveraging the power of capital markets

We provide bespoke solutions to companies exploring public exit, asset sale, or capital raise strategies through the capital markets. Here we take a life-cycle agnostic approach and advise clients ranging from early-stage companies to publicly traded companies. The foremost focus is to build an agile capital markets plan embedded with finance, marketing, legal, and accounting strategies. We work with outside legal, capital, accounting, and audit teams to drive this process over the finish line so you can focus on the important decisions around equity and control rights. We can advise you on that as well.

This process generally involves developing two separate business plans, one for the OpCo and the second for the PubCo. When it comes to the OpCo, we take a backseat and help with only the necessary technical requirements. 

At the PubCo level, we are more involved. We develop a strategy for each, finance, accounting, marketing, recruiting and HR, investor relations, legal and compliance, and research and analytics. The synergies between these different functions are what drive the overall capital markets strategy to your final goal: public exit and/or capital raise. 

Some of the many steps in this process we will assist you with:

- Sourcing and evaluating publicly traded buyers or merger candidates

- Merger and ancillary documents drafting

- Capital structure

- Negotiations

-  Financial analysis, budgeting, forecasting, and accountability protocols

- Prospectus and other filing documents drafting

- Internal financial audits in preparation for external audits

-  Marketing strategies and materials
-  Developing a winning Investor Relations strategy

- Corporate governance

- Talent retention, recruiting, and management

- Liquidity strategies

Vertical and Horizontal optimization

A successful transaction is one that is not only well-planned but also well-executed. This demands seamless integration through organizational design that is optimized with technology, and culture that invigorates teams to outperform goals in unison. We dedicate a full suite of experts to achieving these goals.